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Why E-mail Marketing is important?
Every organization must establish its marketing plan to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization. If an organization desires to increase its brand awareness and sales then email marketing can create a direct relationship with the existing and prospective customers. Email marketing helps you reach your target audience at an affordable cost. Cross Digital Marketing Agency creates unique, attractive, and compelling email marketing content for inducing your customers to make the buying decision.

Email Marketing Process at Cross Digital

Email marketing helps to create a connection with your customers to promote your brand and increase sales. A study conducted in 2015 found that for every $1 spent, email marketing gives an average $42 return on investment (ROI). Cross DMA Boston helps to give power to your brand and ensuring excellent conversions with email marketing.

Our E-mail Marketing services

Implement promotional and informational email marketing to increase the conversions by up to 40%. We provide email marketing services- to engage subscribers, growth of leads, design, send and track responses by:

    • Designing email templates
    • Email newsletter designing
    • Using the latest automation tools and techniques
    • Email marketing campaigns: A/B testing, Sending and ensuring, Tracking and monitoring.

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    Goal assessment

    Every organization must establish its marketing purpose so that a successful path for accomplishing goals can be planned accordingly. If an organization desires to increase its brand awareness and sales it should look for email marketing, as emails help create a direct healthy relationship with prospective customers.

    Content and needs assessment

    Creating content that attracts your customers in the best possible way will prove profitable for the business. Do you choose videos, images, or links? Or Are you planning to promote entertaining or informative work? All these components when combined in your marketing strategy enable email marketing to work in the most lucrative way.

    Email-list building

    There are lots of ways to discover people who will look forward to getting your emails. Some of how we generate leads are:

    • Create a signup form on your website
    • Drive signups through social media
    • Break up your email list into; Geographical location, Lifestyle changes, Industry, Job title, Language, Awareness, Consideration, and Previous engagement with your brand.

    Automation tool selection

    Whether you are starting your first email marketing campaign or you are an email marketing pro, Cross Digital has access to the tools and support you need. We take care of a wide array of services that pertain to marketing automation and tracking.

    Mastering the design aesthetic

    The appearance of email is very important in email marketing. At Cross Digital we cover every aspect of design:

    • Content
    • Templates
    • Identity
    • Color
    • Images
    • Layout
    • Fonts

    Cross Digital will help your emails look more attractive. We help you stand apart from the crowd by developing custom templates. We keep it very simple so that it remains reader-friendly.

    A/B Testing

    Before sending emails to a large customer group, we send various versions to closer circles to get feedback from them regarding the layout and design of the emails and whether the emails need some improvements or not. This will ensure that the best mails go to the target customers so that they can convert optimally.

    Choosing the type of email campaign

    Email marketing campaigns vary from one another based on your purpose.

    • Should you send a weekly newsletter?
    • Should you send out new product announcements?
    • Which blog posts are worth sharing?

    These questions come to the mind of every marketer. We have expertise in every type of email campaign and optimize our strategy according to your niche.

    Mobile optimization

    More than 60% of the emails are opened and read on smartphones. So to get the best results from your emails it is necessary to make sure that the emails get properly displayed on mobile devices. All emails designed by Cross Digital are automatically programmed to best fit mobile devices and this can be checked using the mobile preview functionality.

    At Cross Digital, creating compelling content has been the prime motive. We understand that content forms the essence of a product or service and therefore, design high-quality emails that convert leads into an audience.

    Sending a commercial message to all your potential leads or customers is easy with Email Marketing. You can send advertisements, share news about your recent launch, send newsletters, and many other things to your customers. It is one of the highly effective Digital Marketing strategies for sending Emails to customers. This helps in converting potential leads into customers and turn firm time buyers into recurring customers. We can help you create an email that really clicks. Our Email marketing experts are experienced in targeting the right audience and customers through Email.

    Choose the best-fit Email Marketing option which suits your business. Let’s discuss your requirements!

    At Cross Digital we help small businesses do big things with the right Email Campaign strategy. We send the right messages to your email list and build Email campaigns for you. Cross DMA will help you find the right audience and share better content with them about your brand. Our experts will analyze your insights and work accordingly.

    Benefits of Email Marketing:

    1) Affordable method of boosting the brand image
    2) Generate more sales and increase ROI
    3) Easy to understand and send to the recipient
    4) Provides direct access to your relevant client’s inboxes

    How we Build the Best Campaign for Your Brand?

    Cross DMA identifies the funnel stage of the customer and accordingly creates the email templates that reflect the understanding of the pain points and providing the solution to the customer’s problems. Not just black and white copy, we believe in creating an attractive, colorful, responsive, and integrated email template with relevant visuals/images to amplify the brand features, benefits, and USP.

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