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Social Media Marketing in Boston

Our Social Media Marketing Abilities – Social Media is a tool through which you can get an edge over your competitors. It empowers you to reach your target customers on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter organically. Not only B2C, but even B2B companies leverage Social Media to create buzz and boost their business. At Cross Digital, our Social Media Marketing( SMM) service will boost your brand presence and you can access a broad audience and close interaction with customers and prospects.

Our Process:

Have you ever stopped and wondered why companies invest in social media despite having an advanced website? While a website just makes an online presence, social media bonds an establishment with its potential customers.

Our team of Social Media Marketing experts can help you get the most out of Social Media Optimization and help you reach out to potential leads and customers at cost-effective prices. We are specialized in digital marketing and we know how to exceed the everyday challenges of Social Media to create new content and run creative ads.

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    Goal assessment

    Every organization is required to establish its marketing purpose so that a successful path for achieving it can be planned accordingly. If an organization desires to increase its brand awareness many others use social media to bring in web traffic and sales. Social media helps to create a healthy relationship between the customer your brand.

    Content and needs assessment

    The components of video, audio, and written content can enable your company to send the right messages to your audience. We analyze user-personas to put together a social media strategy that can optimally convert your audience.

    Target-oriented marketing

    Goal-oriented marketing focuses on the potential customers to drive marketing activities. We leverage various factors such as demographics, psychographics, and user-personas to target audiences efficiently.

    Social Media Marketing Boston

    Measuring social media success

    In today’s digitally innovative world, it is crucial to track every single visit to your page. It is significant to have a check what visitors did on your page, why they moved away from your page, and how they intermingled with your page. It gives feedback on your internet marketing strategy. It alarms you to implement the necessary changes to improve the number of conversions be it inquiries, purchases, or just downloads.

    Using the best tool available at our disposal

    We engage with a wide range of Social Media channels daily this provides us with the required expertise to recommend the best platforms for businesses. Some of the tools we use are –

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Interest
    • LinkedIn

    Developing social media ads that convert

    We develop ads using the following three-step process –
    Creating Awareness: Developing brand awareness and increasing the popularity of the brand among customers.
    Grab attention: Brings traffic to your website, increases interaction, speeds up app downloads or views, and cheer people to communicate with you on Facebook Messenger.
    Call to Action/Conversion: Boosts online conversions and drives traffic to offline stores.
    Social media marketing can solve your marketing problems from the start and generate brand awareness. As the best social media marketing agency in Boston, we at Cross Digital use tried and tested strategies to achieve the best results.

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