Reviews and Testimonials of Digital Marketing Agency in Boston


Maureen is simply the best. My partner and I are first time home buyers, and ended up purchasing a home at an unprecedented time in the real estate market (thanks to COVID). Maureen was clear from the beginning with explaining the process, answering questions, and quickly responding to our requests to see properties. When we expressed interest in our current home, she made skillful and competitive suggestions for our offer that made us feel like we were in control in an unpredictable situation. Thanks to Maureen, we secured our lovely home and couldn’t be happier. I’d HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her for any of your real estate needs!

- Petrina Schoultis

Maureen is so knowledgeable in the Greater Boston area real estate market and neighborhoods. She goes above and beyond to make sure the homes are a great fit for you and guides you along each step of the process, from initial visit to closing. I highly recommend her service and had a wonderful time getting to know her through this entire process. Thank you Maureen!!

- Vincent Zhou

As first time home buyers, my fiancee and I had many questions about the process and Maureen helped us through every step. I cannot recommend Maureen enough, she is very professional, responds promptly, and even checked in with us multiple times after the sale was completed

- Kevin Walsh

I can't imagine having worked with anyone other than Maureen when I was house-hunting... she is everything you could want in a realtor and more! As someone who was spread out a ton in terms of geography and many other home-buying preferences, other realtors might have put pressure on me to reign things in but Maureen allowed me the freedom to explore my preferences and really take my time, while being an invaluable resource supporting me every step of the way. If you are looking for an extremely passionate, knowledgable, polished, kind, patient realtor, Maureen is your gal!

- Danielle Jacobs

Maureen Moran is very professional along with personal touch she made our experience buying a house stress-free. Her suggestions and quick response to any of our needs or questions helped us to go in the right direction with our process. I would highly recommend her service. Thank you Maureen for making our dream come true special during pandemics.

- Sweta Patel

Maureen helped us to buy house in Lynnfield, MA in 2020. Her services were outstanding. She was very proactive, had good connections which made our house buying experience very easy and convenient . I highly recommend her services. Thank you Maureen.

- Ashish Patel

We worked with Maureen to buy our first home. We found the house on Zillow ourselves, but she was very helpful in the process. She made sure we got a chance to view the home the day offers were due. There were some issues with the inspection and she helped us keep the sellers and their agents calm while we did due diligence, without her I am very confident they would have pulled out. She also had a good understanding of the market/area which was helpful - additionally as first time buyers she helped us with an unfamiliar process (and we had many questions, I am sure she has had easier clients).

- Aditi Ahlawat

Maureen helped us buy our first home. The transaction was seamless and a wonderful experience. Maureen is easy to work with, kind, thoughtful and attentive. We are fortunate to know her and highly recommend her.

- Amelia

I was a single parent with two young kids, 6yr old&3yr old, in the middle of a pandemic trying to provide a home for my family. When I met Maureen she was always diligent and responsive really went above and beyond she helped, me find not just a home but the right fit for my circumstances.
It is with great pride that I write this review and will always thank her for helping a dream of a home, become a reality for my children.

- Harlen Garcia

I highly recommend Maureen for anyone who is looking to purchase a home. As first time buyers, the process can be overwhelming, but Maureen was essential in helping us navigate a tricky market and ultimately buy a home we love. Her wealth of knowledge and dedication to her clients cannot be matched.

- Bethany Sharpe

Maureen is disciplined and focused yet she will complete whatever goal she has set with quality and grace. Maureen sees the calm amidst the chaos and sees the big picture. She is a leader, an active listener and a reliable partner for any project. She is also a champion of women - you can trust her to seek out what is in your best interest. I highly recommend Maureen Moran.

- Tania Loffreda

Maureen is an exceptional, classy person who operates with the utmost integrity. In addition to her natural smarts and strong work ethic, Maureen is personable, kind and collaborative. She possesses strong communication and roblem-solving skills, keen attention to detail, and high emotional intelligence. In short, Maureen is the full package. She has been an invaluable partner and mentor to me, and anyone would be lucky to work with her!

- Katie Weintraub